Monday, January 10, 2022

Parveen Sultana: Self-titled LP (ECSD 2480) an LP issued in India in 1971

Occasionally I will encounter vinyl transfers of world music on the internet which I believe could sound better. 


This is one of those LPs. I downloaded it at some point in the past and could find no information about who transferred it or what equipment was used.  


The rarity of the music caused me to want to remaster both the audio and the image of the front cover.  After some time spent using ClickRepair and the audio editing program called "Audacity," this now sounds quite nice. 


I certainly hope I'll find time to upload more such "rescued and remastered" albums on this blog during the next few months.


Parveen Sultana was born in 1950 and began recording for EMI in India in her early 20s. She continues to remain active to this day.

Parveen Sultana: Vocal

side one:
01 Raga Salag Varali Todi

side two:
02 Raga Lalit
03 Thumri 


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