Sunday, November 19, 2023

Oum Kalthoum: Rabiaa El Adawia (Sono Cairo SC 22-117) an LP issued in France in 1968

We begin again here at the World Music Village blog. The goal as always is to make some sort of effort to help preserve our precious human musical culture against the forces of neglect. In my opinion this process is most successful when the highest audio and graphic standards are maintained and files are allowed to be downloaded rather than just streamed.

Here is a really lovely LP released in 1968 in France featuring the great Oum Kalthoum

Files were downloaded from the Internet Archive. Painstaking manual reduction of surface noise and clicks/pops as well as balancing of the channels (left was 2dB quieter than right) was undertaken in Audacity. Graphic files were optimized in the free Mac software known as "Photos." 
I thank you for listening to this album. 

Very high resolution lossless files

Standard resolution lossless files 

The highest quality lossy mp3 possible

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  1. Welcome back Richard!! and thank you very much for this music gem!! Hope you are going very well and continuing sharing great music with us !