Friday, January 31, 2020

Songs of the Muskogee Creek part 2 -- an LP recorded in the US in 1969 and released in 1970

This is a recording of songs by the Muscogee Creek tribe featuring in dances recorded in the state of Oklahoma in 1969. Another vinyl transfer uploaded to the Internet Archive by the Boston Public Library and repaired and restored by me.

The fact that any Native Americans at all have survived decades of genocide by White settlers followed by many more decades of willful neglect and cultural genocide by the US Government is almost a miracle. 

At some point I will be uploading my own transfers of about 20 LPs of field recordings of Native Americans. We'll see when I have the time to start that!

A1 Stomp Dance
Leader – Tema Tiger 

A2 Friendship Dance
Leader – Netche Gray 

A3 Stomp Dance
Leader – Netche Gray 

B1 Gar Dance
Leader – Netche Gray 

B2 Guinea Dance
Leader – Harry Bell (2), Netche Gray 

B3 Stomp Dance
Leader – Tema Tiger 

B4 Morning Dance
Leader – Netche Gray

Recorded at Seminole, Oklahoma, May 2, 1969.


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